Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Reviews

My dear Dr. Edelson,

Your professional yet down to earth personality makes you so unique and genuine.  You always make time for me in your busy schedule and I so appreciate it.  With some doctors I have encountered during my difficult journey through cancer and its after-effects, I’m made to feel “less than” because of my inability to pay.  Not you and your most capable and caring staff.  I am always greeted with a warm “hello”.  Everything you all do for me adds up to a legacy of caring that will always be treasured. -M.A.

Dear Dr. Edelson,

Thank you for calling me when you heard about Alan.  You’ve been a source of comfort and strength to me for so long.

There are so many things I could thank you for.  But the most important is to thank you for the last 21 years of Alan’s life.  From the day I first met you in the ICU to the last visit Alan had, you treated him, you nurtured him, and he knew you cared about him.  Somtimes you cajoled him and convinced him to do things that I could never get him to do.  He respected you, loved you and considered you his friend as well as his doctor.  He put himself in your hands and you never let him down.

Whenever I called you, you  were there for me.  You were the strength and backbone to help me care for Alan.  And now each time I see you, the piece of me that is Alan will know you’re there.  With love, -B.K.

I read about Dr. Edelson’s weight loss program in Newsday. His approach to weight management was different from anything I have tried in the past. Once I started the program I decided to change my primary care over to Healthbridge. I got the feeling of support and caring from the first medical exam. The nutritional therapy provided by his Dietitian and the exercise program provided by his Physical Trailer helped me attain my goals and live a healthier lifestyle. The Sleep Medicine Center helped with my sleep apnea which was making me feel tired all the time and slowing down my weight loss in the past. His office facilities are new and extremely clean. Dr. Edelson’s friendly staff has supported me through my process and always greet me with a smile, call me by name, and go out of there way to make sure that I am provided for during my visit. I recommend Healthbridge to people all the time because they can provide such a wide variety of services. -B.W.